Moving Forward - New Website
20 Apr 2020


Hammerblaze Productions today reveals a new improved Website. The new format seeks to strengthen its commitment to partners, enhance design activities and, symbolically, reinforce a statement of deliverance: that the fire of creation has no limits.

Currently the services being offered by Hammerblaze are as follows:
• Graphic Work and Illustration
• Logo Design and Branding Identity
• Advertisement and Tour Merch Design
• Artist and Marketing Consultancy
• Market Research
• Digital Marketing
• Mobile advertisement
• Web design and development

With the renewal of the Hammerblaze Website, the webshop has been redesigned. New merchandise is coming soon. (

Hail to all our partners, associated artists and faith-followers of the cult worldwide for their belief throughout the years. We will continue to work together to further promote true art and metal music worldwide.

More news will follow.
Stay Strong!

No political correctness. No compromise, not then, not now, not ever.

Cthulhu - Cultus Tenebris - The Order Of R'lyeh T-Shirt
29 May 2018

Legions! Lots of you asked for them, here they are. We are happy to introduce the first brand new CTHULHU “Cultus Tenebris” t-shirt. Exclusive artwork by Aldo Requena. Pre-Order now on the webshop of Hammerblaze – Out on June 11th. This is specially designed for The Followers of The Arcane. Check it out!

Order Here

Conflict Cycle - Dark Years Ahead
08 May 2018

The US Metal band Conflict Cycle return with their new album "Dark Days Ahead". A reminiscence of honor, strength and personal struggle. Art by Aldo Requena. Worldwide release. Give these US Metal Fighters a listen!

Band Page

Argentina Comic Con 2018
25 Apr 2018

On May 26-27-28, the artist Aldo Requena will appear at the Argentina Comic Con. Stand: Twisted Factory.

Horizons Edge - Let The Show Go On
08 Mar 2018

The Australian Metal band Horizons Edge return with their fantastic new album "Let The Show Go On". Art by Aldo Requena. Worldwide release by Dinner For Wolves.


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