Interview with Flash-back 2029
14 May 2016

Interview with FLASH-BACK 2029 for VHS Radio from Buenos Aires, Argentina(SPANISH ONLY).
FLASH-BACK 2029 is: Shades O'Brien (MUSIC) Aldo Requena (ART)

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06 May 2016

Artwork for the Argentinian heavy metal band Interceptor. A lot of fun doing this design, based on one my favourite movie characters, the legendary road warrior, Mad Max!


Aldo Requena - Feria del Libro
18 Apr 2016

Spanish: El 2 de Mayo 20 hs, el artista Aldo Requena será parte de "Cultura Metálica". Una muestra de la Feria del libro Heavy Metal, en la 42º Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires. Stand: Zona Futuro (Predio Ferial La Rural - Av Santa Fé 4201). Los esperamos!

English: on May 2, 8PM, artist Aldo Requena will be part of "Cultura Metálica". A book event hosted by the Feria del libro Heavy Metal, at the 42º Internacional Book event in Buenos Aires (Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires).

Interview with artist Aldo Requena
01 Apr 2016

Radio interview with artist Aldo Requena for Rompiendo El Sonido from Buenos Aires, Argentina (SPANISH ONLY).

Interviewers: Gabriel Columbus.

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Art Video
30 Mar 2016

Together with BACKSLASH PRODUCTIONS & HAMMERBLAZE STUDIO we present you the first official video of artist Aldo Requena. Enjoy the visuals and ceremonial sounds! (Music courtesy of LOST HORIZON, FLASH-BACK 2029 and LONG JOHN STUDIO). Click here for new Songs, Album Details and Cover Art

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