Interview with Flash-back 2029
26 Oct 2015

Interview with FLASH-BACK 2029 for NeonVice.
FLASH-BACK 2029 is: Shades O'Brien (MUSIC) Aldo Requena (ART)

Read conversation here.

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Flash-Back 2029 "The Dark Years"
24 Oct 2015

Art for the album "The Dark Years" released by Flash-Back 2029, a band dedicated to Electronic and Retro Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk music. This new recording is based on the 1984 Science Fiction Action film "The Terminator". Exclusive illustrations had been engineered to provide to the audience new visual connections with the music and film.

You can also view the artwork created for the single release "T-800 Series" here.

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Interview with artist Aldo Requena
17 Oct 2015

Radio interview (Spanish) with artist Aldo Requena for Tachas Hasta En La Sopa at RadioArroba in Buenos Aires. A big Thank You to the wonderful Staff for keeping the Metal Flag up high. You all rule!

Interviewers: Guillermo Gonzalez, Valeria Vizioli and Mariana Wein.

Tachas Facebook  |   Radio Arroba

Feanor New Website
03 Oct 2015

We just launched the new website of FEANOR in anticipation of their new album that we are working with!

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Kingdom Saga
19 Sep 2015

Artist Aldo Requena has been working on a sci-fi project called Kingdom. The first piece of story content (a promo comic) is now available as a FREE download from The layout and interior design of the booklet was assembled by Hammerblaze. Kingdom: The Battle for Trafalgar is a creation of Neil Sheppard and script by Paul Combellack. This promo also counts with the work of Clint Langley (Sláine, ABC Warriors, American Reaper) who produced additional concept work.

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