Flash-Back 2029 "T-800 Series"
28 Apr 2015

Artwork for the retro Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk journey called Flash-Back 2029. The band is getting ready to release their first EP purely focused on the film "The Terminator". A storm is coming!

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Black Majesty "Cross Of Thorns"
23 Apr 2015

<a href="interface/img/creations/graphic-web/cd_134a.jpg"><img src="interface/img/press/005.jpg" width="100%" alt="preview" class="img-responsive"></a><br>
The new album of Black Majesty Official. Press Release : BLACK MAJESTY returns with their 6th studio album “Cross Of Thorns”. The record was mixed by Roland Grapow (Masterplan) and will be scheduled for a late July 2015 release via Pride & Joy Music distributed via Edel.
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Victimario "Porn Collector" Video
21 Apr 2015

<img src="interface/img/press/018.jpg" width="100%" alt="preview" class="img-responsive"><br>
Here is the new video for the Argentinian Death Metal group Victimario, animation and edition by Sergio Chaile. Artist Aldo Requena produced the comic book illustrations for middle scenes displayed on the video. The full album artwork also created by Aldo will be published on the next days.
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Mathras "Alquimia"
06 Feb 2015

We present "Alquimia", the artwork produced for the second album for the Argentinian Metal band Mathras. Released by Metal Sin Record, "Alquimia" is a voyage of unique Heavy Metal and Hard-Rock. Check it out!

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Sonic Prophecy: Video For "The Warrior's Heart"
06 Feb 2015

Sonic Prophecy are streaming their first single and lyric video online for “The Warrior's Heart”. The lead-off single is from their 2nd full-length album Apocalyptic Promenade released in digital format on March 7th, with the worldwide release on March 16th. Maple Metal Records is also re-releasing Sonic Prophecy’s debut album A Divine Act Of War from 2011 in Europe, UK, Asia and worldwide in March as well. The cover art was designed by Aldo Requena.

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